Topic: Critical Evaluation of Pixar’s Recent Success in Entertainment Industry


Pixar came into existence in the year of 1979 and Dr. Ed Catmull built it as a Graphics Group. In addition to this, this company was at first located in California, USA as well as it was having a good practice in CGI which is referred to as Computer Generated Imagery used in animated feature films. This technology is having a capability of transforming the picture in a motion capture and it also contributes towards making it unique in the entertainment industry (Catmull, 2008). Read More

Topic: Business Plan Analysis of Gas Station


This report demonstrates an idea for the business plan of a gas station, which will be operating the region of California and will serve as the new service provider for the area with respect to gasoline. Although there are already two existing gasoline stations in the locality that are providing similar services, but the price they are charging is high and are not fulfilling the needs of the customers completely. The major location of the gas station will be Hammer Lane and Highway 99 in Stockton which indicates that the capacity of the locality is quite attractive and there are nu7mber of vehicles that pass through this route on a daily basis (J ALCACER, 2009). Through researches it has been identified that targeting this area will be best opportunity and has a reasonable population to achieve attractive financial gainsRead More

Topic: Air-Thread Valuation

American Cable Communication and AirThread Connections are two companies operating in the telecommunications market in U.S. Following the development of the market both are facing challenges in order to compete in the market with its competitors, who are developing at a fast pace and are able to provide more range of services as compared to both AirThread and American Cables. Although, American Cables and AirThread are operating successfully with their current services, however, the range of services they are required to provide and compete well in the market are split between the two for which they are looking forward for acquisition and merger possibilities. Read More

Topic: Amazon Inc. European distribution network (EDN)

Introduction, Inc. or (, came into existence on May 28, 1996, serves the consumers through its tremendous retail websites and moreover focus on the excellent price, selection and convenience. The Company offers a wide range of programs that actually enables many sellers to sell their desired products on its Web sites and even their own branded Web sites and to accomplish orders through them, and programs that actually allow musicians, filmmakers, authors, application developers, and others sell and publish content. The Company operates in two different segments that is North America and on International basis. The Company actually serves customers through its professional retail websites, and focus on price, selection and convenience. Read More

Topic: Restructuring of Canal Plus


Canal plus is a famous French cable television channel which was launched back in the year 1984. It is completely owned by one and only Canal plus Group, which consecutively is owned by Vivendi SA. The channel actually broadcasts numerous kinds of programs and majority of them are encrypted. The programs which are un-encrypted can be seen free of cost on the Canal plus. Canal Plus is a follower of a well known Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV formally known as HbbTV. Soon after the declaration about the launch of the new 14 French television channel, Canal plus quickly started broadcasting back on 4th November 1984. Read More

Topic: Walmart Growth Analysis


There has been much competition among the retailers in the industry of United States. Wal-Mart has proved to be the key player as a retailer in the world, best known for its everyday low price philosophy.  Like all businesses the aim of the Wal-Mart is to provide competitive product by reducing the cost of production by producing the amount in bulks and making sure that the quality is not compromised. It has been ranked as number one in recent fortune 500 ranking. Read More